When my new website went live I decided I wanted to put together a mini styled shoot. I say ‘mini’ because I hadn’t really given myself a big enough time frame for all the planning that goes into organising a proper styled shoot. It was too late in the year for me to organise every thing and to be liaising with various wedding vendors; I needed a summers day after all and I really wanted to do a shoot sooner rather than later. So with the help of some very creative friends I went about planning an Equine Inspired styled shoot.

This turned out to be a lot more stressful than I had anticipated! Although we did a lot of the details ourselves, there are certain elements of a shoot that really need to be left to the professionals! For instance, putting together a beautiful bouquet isn’t my forte! Neither is baking a cake or designing pretty stationary.

lavender wedding stationary

Luckily I have some very talented friends who were more than happy to pitch in and help 🙂 Unfortunately my hair stylist let me down last minute and the model had to style her own gorgeous locks but it turned out fine in the end.

I wanted to create an elegant, pretty shoot to inspire a nature loving bride-to-be. My Pinterest board was packed full of fine art equine images with bohemian inspired clothing and lots of lavender details. Lavender is so easy to get hold of in July and August so it was an obvious choice of flower. Melissa Thompson was my stand in stylist and together we managed to scrape every last bit of lavender we could find to make some beautiful details to decorate the entire set with. Melissa also made a fake cake to add to our details! I was amazed by her talents!

lavender wedding details

I took a huge risk with the dresses and decided to order them online with the intention of sending them back once I had finished. I know other photographers have done this time and time again but ordering a white dress for a shoot with a horse wasn’t the smartest idea! The dress did actually get a few grass stains on but after a good hand wash, it looked better than when it arrived. Thank god for that!

The location wasn’t easy; being an equine shoot I was always going to be limited in my choices. It’s rare that people let you whisk their horse off for a day to an amazing and magical location. There really is a lot more to it than simply saying “can I take your horse to the beach and make him look beautiful for a shoot”? Anyone with any experience with horses will know this!

One of my friends owns a stud farm in the pretty little village of Brinkworth. Hillbrook Stud Farm is surrounded by wide open space and was perfect for my shoot. Initially I was going to use a different horse, but being quite young and intuitive we thought he may be a little bit too difficult for the model to handle. So we opted for a gentler steed called Lumpo.

wedding photography swindon

My beautiful friend Gemma Marie, who I met many many years ago, was my model for the day and what an amazing job she did! Lumpo wasn’t easy and at times got a bit irritated by the horse flies so I think Gemma did really well. Gemma is my workout partner and my dog walking friend; she shares my love of tapas and red wine (and maybe some sneaky sing star once in a while!) She was just as excited as I was for this shoot and ideas would flow every time we saw each other.

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Bouquet: Flowers by Fleur | Cakes: Cakes and Cupcakes by Jules | Stationary: Love lace creations