When I got into bed on Friday night all I could think about was photographing my friend Lucy the following day, and she didn’t even know about it! That sounds super weird now that I’ve written it down and read it back but oh well, I’m going with it anyway.

You see, that same day Rich and I had been walking Sid through Lydiard Park and the light was just too good to be true and I knew I had to find someone to photograph ASAP, hence why, at 11:30 on Friday night, I text Lucy asking if she was free over the weekend.
I picked Lucy for reasons other than the fact I like her face; she has just launched a new blog and I thought she could use some pretty images to accompany her blog posts. Not that her partner Pete isn’t doing a fantastic job but who doesn’t want amazing images of themselves shot by a professional photographer?!

lydiard park portrait photography_0092

Luckily Lucy was free and at 2pm on Saturday afternoon we headed to Lydiard Park. I prepared myself for mud and wore sensible country boots; Lucy however, tottered along in a dress and ankle boots. It was safe to say I felt like the ugly friend walking next to her!

Lucy had already mentioned to me that she was quite nervous and although she wanted an image of herself looking directly at the camera, she didn’t feel confident enough. Even though I’m a photographer, I totally get this. I for one hate having my photo taken and whenever I do it never fails to surprise me at how different my face looks on camera. Is this how others see me?!

It takes about half an hour before people start to relax into their portrait session, which is why each shoot can take quite a while. I never get worried if the first set of images aren’t breath taking– I know it’s going to happen before the end of each session and when it does, it’s the best feeling ever– for me and for my subject. It’s amazing to watch people’s confidence grow when they realise they are actually looking flippin awesome!

Lucy was no different and as soon as she started to get into it and relax, so did her facial expressions and she was able to look directly at the camera. Yay! And I think we can all agree she looks absolutely stunning in these photos, even if I must say so myself. 😉


lydiard park portrait photography

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