When Ruth got in touch with me last year to ask if I would be interested in photographing her newborn baby Spencer, I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive because photographing newborns wasn’t really my thing. Although I’d been asked to do newborn shoots in the past, I’d always turned them down as I thought I wouldn’t be any good at it; that I needed to be a certain type of person to be able to capture newborns at their best. Luckily I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m not keen on photographing newborns in buckets or posing them into unnatural positions and I made sure Ruth and Martin were clear that this would be a natural newborn photo shoot.

I actually knew Ruth from years ago, in what seems like another life now that I look back. Ruth used to come and ride the horses at the riding school I managed about 9 years ago so you can imagine my shock when she contacted me to tell me she’d had her first baby. In my mind Ruth was still the little girl who came to ride and help out sometimes with the horses, she couldn’t possibly be married with a baby!

I’m really glad I agreed to the session as I loved every moment of it and it opened up a whole new door for me and my photography. From this shoot I booked a beautiful family session with one of Ruth’s friends Harriet, which again was such a joy to photograph.

Ruth got back in touch recently to ask if I could do a family shoot for them in May for Spencer’s birthday and I couldn’t be more excited to see how he’s grown!

What Ruth & Martyn had to say:

Saw all our photos from the shoot with our new boy Spencer and daughter Gracie today and they are top class. Couldn’t have wished for better pictures. So natural yet so striking.¬†Huge thanks to Rachel and for a first newborn shoot she did a great job and would highly recommend.¬†Great work, great communication and great end product.

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