Thought I’d share something a bit different here today, mainly because this shoot is well and truly over due to be seen but also I like giving my eyes a break from the weddings and family shoots I’ve been working on lately.

When I say this shoot is overdue, I mean we shot it a year ago and it’s taken me this long to finally put the images together so I can show you how utterly gorgeous this particular branding session was. This shoot was organised by Kelly Terranova for her company at the time called The Bees Knees. Kelly and her close friend Jo designed and made adult and junior happiness journals and although Kelly no longer sells these beautiful products, the images are just too lovely not to share!

There were a whole load of fab people involved in this shoot and Kelly had the shot list planned out to perfection so actually my job was, in fact pretty easy. It was made easier by the amazing setting we were shooting in– a beautiful house owned by Rebecca Morris who is an abstract artist based in the Cotswolds. I still can’t believe she was happy for us to roam freely around her home, letting us use some of the gorgeous rooms for backdrops. The whole day was styled by Sarah Davies, an interior designer from Floellainteriors and as you can see she did an amazing job. I will write a full list of all the suppliers used below.


Kelly Terranova
The Bees Knees
By Rebecca Morris 
Arc Candles
Folia Planting 
Layered Lounge 
Stone and Co 
The perfect home company 
Harriet and Bags 
Ella Bakes 
Shop Bodega