Stanway House Weddings

Looking to have a very ‘typically English’ wedding? Then look no further than Stanway House, Tithe Barn.

Photographically, this is very much an outdoorsy venue so do not expect images of you and your newly wed man to be posing on gorgeous old staircases inside the house. This venue boasts the most amazing grounds which you will want to take full advantage of, trust me! I’ve put together some information on Stanway House weddings to help you when planning your big day here.

Stanway Church– I LOVE this church so much! When I first laid eyes on it, my initial thoughts were it may be a bit too dark but in actual fact, there is more than enough light to capture beautiful images of couples taking their vows. This particular church looks extremely romantic with candles lit throughout. It’s a small church so if you do have a lot of guests, you may want to consider other options for your ceremony. Definitely worth a visit though!

Stanway House weddings


The Tithe Barn– So to be clear, this is a self catering barn which means you will have to organise all your own tables, chairs, bar etc. Don’t be put off by how the barn looks when empty, as it really comes to life when decorated for wedding receptions. Barns are renowned for being dark venues and Tithe Barn is no different. My top tip for creating more light? Drape white sheets across the beams on the ceiling. These act as reflectors and help brighten the barn up. Works a treat as you can see:

stanway house weddings


Stanway House Grounds– The surrounding grounds are almost too good to be true, especially for us photographers! From the gorgeous archway outside Stanway House itself, to the beautiful trees surrounding the pond– this place has so many photo opportunities for couples.  There is ample space at this venue which is great for creating a variety of backdrops for couple portraits. Having lots of space also means it’s perfect for big group shots. The huge trees provide enough shade for groups to gather, so on really bright sunny days, you won’t have to worry about your guests squinting, or more importantly, passing out from heat stroke– not that we often worry about this in England!

Stanway House weddings

Stanway House weddings


The Fountain– Stanway House boasts one of the tallest fountains in Britain, rising to over 300 feet! Once again, this is another great photo opportunity not to be missed. Having said that, I would advise that couples find out prior to their wedding day whether or not the fountain will be on as during this particular wedding that features in this post, the fountain didn’t get turned on until after I had gone!

Top Tips for couples– Hiring a marquee is probably one of the best tips I could give you about this venue. Only because we live in a country with unpredictable weather and the thought of everyone having to cram inside the barn for an entire day seems a shame. A small gazebo or marquee is perfectly adequate and can be used to serve champagne after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast. If you are planning a Summer wedding, there is more than enough room at Stanway for outside seating for your guests to relax whilst basking in the heat of the English weather 😉

stairway house weddings

One thing I have noticed about Stanway House, is that on the day of the wedding, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around– mainly because couples have their own access to the Tithe Barn. The church is situated right next to the big arch doors that lead past the house and back round to the barn, which as a photographer, is where I lead my couples after the ceremony. All guests can take the quicker route and go grab drinks whilst couples have a few snaps. However, these doors were closed on the day of this wedding and we had to send for someone to come unlock them. I would highly recommend sorting this all out beforehand to save you time on the day.

One more tip: Do not be surprised if a black dog decides to join you and your guests during the reception. She likes to play fetch a lot and can keep your guests (and me) occupied for quite some time! She’s pretty well behaved though and stays outside when she is told.

You can see this wedding in full HERE.

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