The minimalist bride loves earthy tones, white space and things found & given. Prioritising simplicity over extravagance means she is able to plan a beautifully intimate wedding, which doesn’t cost the earth.

Planning a minimalist wedding? Look no further than my Minimalist guide to wedding planning.

1. Keep the guest list small.

Tricky, especially if you’re like me and you seem to have quite an extended family but this is your day, and to keep things minimal, means cutting people lose. Do you really need your second cousin twice removed present for the entire day? Do your friends children need to come? Do any children need to come for that matter! Does your cousin need a plus one?

Probably not.

Immediate family and close friends only, will really lower numbers and keep your day feeling slightly more personal.

2. Simple menu.

Ah wedding food, you either love it or you hate it right? Actually, I love all food and I’ve never been to a wedding where I’ve not enjoyed the meal but I’ve had friends and family members moan about certain menu choices. One in particular that I loved, but everyone else hated, was fillet steak. As you know, fillet is served medium rare which a lot of people do not like, so choosing something like this can really cause a stir. Plus, it’s fairly extravagant and expensive. Chicken, however, is a people pleaser, it’s tasty and it’s cheaper than steak.

It’s becoming more and more popular for brides to ditch the traditional sit down meal, and instead opt for Food Bars, Chef Stations and Buffet’s. All of which is very appealing to the minimalist bride who doesn’t want the hassle of guests RSVP-ing with food choices.

the minimalist bride

3. Caterer VS hands on approach.

Having a caterer is far less hassle for you on the day. Leaving the food prep in the hands of the professionals means you can relax and enjoy your day. However, I’ve shot 2 weddings where guests helped prepare and serve the food, and it was really lovely. Enlist friends and family members to help in the planning so everything runs smoothly on the day. I witnessed lots of teamwork during these particular weddings and funnily enough, a lot of laughing too. Bringing people together this way can be fun for everyone.

4. Etsy dresses and rented tuxedos.

My absolute favourite on this list! I rave to all my friends about Etsy and some of the dresses you can purchase on there. OKAY, so I’m not getting married but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a little peak at the prettiness! (Check out my dress inspiration board on Pinterest)

Have no fear, this does not mean you miss out on a day trip with the girls to visit beautiful bridal boutiques! You simply use the boutique to try on dresses and see which style is for you, whilst sipping on free champagne. Then, you head home, search Etsy and find that same dress style for half the price. Sound good?

the minimalist bride

5. Simple details.

Opting for minimal means you can keep every last detail elegantly subtle. Think simple bouquets featuring 1-2 signature flowers, filled out with pretty foliage. Choosing a wild flower bouquet can be a great way to keep costs low. Also, design clean white wedding invites with matching enclosures. Choose a pretty calligraphy font to make them extra-specially elegant. Look for newbies within the wedding industry who are looking to build more a name for themselves and so are happy to produce amazing work at a lower cost.

the minimalist bridethe minimalist bride_0894the minimalist bride_0895

6. DIY table decor.

Minimising your colour palette means less work for you if you have chosen a DIY wedding. My ultimate favourite thing to see on reception tables are small, mismatched glass jars collected by the couple or given to them by friends and family. These look so cute with one or two flowers in and if your wedding is fairly small, using your own flowers can be doable and will save you a lot of money.

I once photographer a wedding where the bride had collected vintage tea cups for an entire year to the lead up of her day. She then placed homemade biscuits in the tea cups and gave the away as favours.

the minimalist bride_0897 the minimalist bride_0898

7. Naked/Homemade wedding cake

This has definitely been a popular trend in 2015. Minimal wedding = minimal cake decor. Everyone has a friend who is particularly good at baking so why not ask them to be in charge of the wedding cake? Nothing fancy, they don’t even need to ice it. just simply add some fresh fruit on the day and decorate with a few pretty florals.

the minimalist bride


I love beauty and elegance and all things white, but I also adore simplicity and stress free planning, so for me, the minimalist approach would be perfect. Some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to haven’t been the most expensive, and in fact, they have had much more of an intimate feel to them than the more extravagant ones I’ve attended.

For me, it’s all about the atmosphere at weddings, and you can really tell when a bride has added her own personal touch to her day. Keeping costs down does not scream cheap wedding and it enables you to have the funds to put towards more important things such as your honey moon or, I don’t know, your wedding photographer maybe! 😉

What are you thoughts on having a minimalist wedding? Is this something that would appeal to you? Feel free to leave a comment below.